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uber comes from the German language. It is a cognate of both Latin super and Greek ýðåñ (hyper). It can mean different things in german but super is most common.

uber = super

leet (1337) is an english word and has two different meanings, one being elite but origanally meaning cool in the 2000s.

leet = cool

uberleet = supercool
Man, that new snowboard you got is uberleet!
by Seth Thompson May 27, 2007
freaking awesome!!!!!!! its a gamer term meaning you are better than everyone else
i just beat the game because im uber leet
by ftwnotanoob March 12, 2012
Uber = Very in german, but used as "Super" to "l33trz"

Leet = Elite, good.

L33trz = See Leet Speak.

Uberleet = Very good!
y0 d00d, th47 ph47 |-| wuz u83rl337!!!!!!1111 v3r1ly d00d!
by Demonic Crusader July 21, 2004
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