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A video log. A journalistic video documentation on the web of a person's life, thoughts, opinions, and interests.

A vlog can be topical and timeless, instructional and entertaining. The main thread is trying to communicate on a personal level with your audience.
Zadi decided that setting up a daily vlog was the best way to show the sun setting in the west to her friends living in the east.
by ZMD January 06, 2005
The next in the evolution of narcissism. Taking the idea of a blog to the next level, the techno-elite have spawned another fad of the Internet. A video web log, or what was once referred to as an Internet television channel that consisted of programming created by an individual and posted online much like TV, is shortened as vlog. Vlogs continue the copy and paste culture that became prevalent with blogging.
"Vlog. Someone must have tried really hard to come up with that."
#blog #blogging #narcissim #vain #rambling
by Goostoff July 08, 2006
Simply put: a blog in video form, most likely found on
"Did you see Tony the Tiger's vlog last night?"

A sample vlog on youtube:
#blog #blogging #youtube #vlogging #talk show
by BeckBooBoo January 14, 2009
Talking to the camera like it's a person
Typical vlog
You: "Hello world! How's your day today?"
#vlog #blog #vlogging #talkshow #online
by GodOfDogs February 07, 2012
a video blog
dude, did you watch that vlog on YouTube?
#blog #log #hog #snog #vlogiliciousity
by Da Crazy Lord May 11, 2015
The definition created by Goostoff is a must. This entry is to introduce the alternative of O-log. The word is easier to differentiate from blog than vlog. It uses the same naming system as blog. It uses last letter retention. Spread it, it is the write name for the wrong action.
*conversaion is on the phone*
Person1: I made anew vlog.
Person2: What did you write?
Person1: No I talked, I said vlog.
Person2: So you made a O-log?
Person1: Yah, sorry I was caught up in broken lingo.
Person2: No problem, I appreciate the warning, I'll add it to the list of O-log I will avoid.
Person1: Screw you, but *sigh* I understand.
#o-log #olog #video blog #youtube #lame #video journal
by LethalGopher July 10, 2008
Vlog is a slang for vagina Or lack of penis,
Damn I'd Tap that Vlog
#vigina #penis #vlog #sex #yum
by Webeback August 07, 2009
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