Ann, Is a very tall girl with a very big heart and a charismatic personality. She mostly gets talked about how sexy and beautiful she is, especially women. She is very seductive sometimes to men and they mostly enjoy it. She is confident and she LOVES nature, bugs , and the men, too. she has a sister named Anna or Annya and she is a PERFECT catch, but be careful and understand her well. ann is a very sweet girl with color-changing hair, BIG boobs, killer body, and a personality that no other women have. she's not that feminine sometimes and she loves to have sex. when you are married or a boyfriend to her, you'll be LUCKY. She can be very lovesick and horny sometimes so don't leave her alone that long!
Man: Oh I'm so lucky!!

Other Man: I wish my woman was like Ann. she's sexier and nicer than mines. she's a total BITCH! Teen: i may be 15 but she makes me jizz alot!
by SuperAnnyaSoSassi September 03, 2012
A turd so large it won't flush down the toilet. Usually has to be broken in half with a plunger
Stay away from that burrito dude, you'll have to drop an Ann.
by your man Jsiah June 22, 2009
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