A beautiful girl who is typically self-conscious. She is pretty smart, but doesn't apply herself in school. Trys hard in everything she does. Even when things get difficult, Ann will remain optimistic. She is a romantic and falls hard. When she falls in love, it is swift and hard. She is the motherly, nurturing type...but can be extremely firm. Ann always follows the rules, and hardly ever gets in trouble. The only time she will get in trouble is because of her mouth. She can not think before she speaks. She is artistic and usually musically gifted. She is the girl you want to marry.
Hear that sound, its Ann playing the piano.

Whenever I am in a bad mood, Ann will cheer me up.
by PainfullyBeautiful November 23, 2011
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1. A fairly lame and common middle name among woman of most generations. Less classy than Anne with an 'e' but more grown up than Annie with an "ie".

2. Added onto another sparsely syllabic feminine name, it becomes trailer-trashy.
1. Claire Ann Smith, Sarah Ann Colters etc.

2. Lu-Ann, Tina-Ann
by Mysterious Benefactor January 07, 2010
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Beautiful. Intriguing. Unbelievably intelligent. Street smart. Sexy beyond imagination. The kind your mom prays you'd marry. A woman exuding with elegance and sophistication, fit for royalty. she is amazing, awesome, fun-loving, free spirited and confident.She can be friends with the US president and a bum .Sweet, very sweet.Patient. Friendly. Charming like Princess Di. Yet she is fierce.

Do not anger an Anns, she will rip your head off. If you infuriate an Anns, she will strike back when least expected, in an unpredictable manner. It will make you wish you were never born. Beware of asking for her brutal honesty. Only men with a good sense of security and self-knowledge can endure an Anns' honesty.

She is the best girlfriend, the best friend, and the worst enemy. You would be a lucky man to have her. You are a blithering idiot if you don't marry her. Men chase her from all walks of life for her beauty, her charm, and her undeniably wonderful personality. When an Anns loves, she will never think twice about dying for that person she loves. She will absorb all the evil in the world to keep you safe from harm. You will think she is an evil, conniving bitch, but I assure you, you do not have the slightest clue as to what you say or think I guarantee you are 110% mistaken.

There is no one like her. You can have make-shift Anns, but she will never come close to an Anns, henceforth can never be better.
Bro: You've only been together for 2 months, bro! Why'd you ask her to marry you?

Me: Because once you have an Anns, you marry her. Period.
by ARBT3 February 06, 2010
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Ann, Is a very tall girl with a very big heart and a charismatic personality. She mostly gets talked about how sexy and beautiful she is, especially women. She is very seductive sometimes to men and they mostly enjoy it. She is confident and she LOVES nature, bugs , and the men, too. she has a sister named Anna or Annya and she is a PERFECT catch, but be careful and understand her well. ann is a very sweet girl with color-changing hair, BIG boobs, killer body, and a personality that no other women have. she's not that feminine sometimes and she loves to have sex. when you are married or a boyfriend to her, you'll be LUCKY. She can be very lovesick and horny sometimes so don't leave her alone that long!
Man: Oh I'm so lucky!!

Other Man: I wish my woman was like Ann. she's sexier and nicer than mines. she's a total BITCH! Teen: i may be 15 but she makes me jizz alot!
by SuperAnnyaSoSassi September 03, 2012
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-short, fun, complex woman, but the best friend you will ever have!!
anns is AMAZING
by doodlebug_55 April 30, 2009
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