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DM - Dungeon Master. The person who makes up the story and stuff in a game of Dungeons and Dragons.
He DMd the game last night.
by Xyan July 23, 2003
Day of Defeat, a popular WWII mod for Half Life
I totally owned him at DoD last night
by Xyan July 23, 2003
Japanese for "Thank you". Other forms include "Domo arigato - Thank you very much" "Arigato gozimasu - Thank you (Polite version).
Arigato gozaimasu!
by Xyan July 23, 2003
A state of lawlessness, chaos, direct opposite of order. Pop culture symbol: Circle with an A inside with the middle line protruding outside the circle.

ALSO: Anarchist - Teenaged/College aged punk who thinks they can handle anarchy when in reality the first time the rules are broken against them they run crying back to authority.
I'm such an anarchist! I switched two peoples orders around at the restaurant where I work! lets go to hot topic and write pathetic psuedo-suicidal poetry to be so invidually cool!
by Xyan July 23, 2003

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