Anarchy; True freedom; Anarchy is the loss of structred society, the return of humanity to the natural and free animal kingdom, rejecting all concept of social ideas or morals, and thus giving ones self the ability (and freedom) to look at reality as it is with out society and form their own individual idea on what is right and what is wrong, never once giving any concent to "the man" (society). In all truth anarchy is total, 100% chaos, completely unstructured, and looked down upon by "the big man" (the corperations which rule the people) who would thus loose the omney they have not worked so hard to steal from other people in exchange for some stupid service, which that person could do if they were not so fucking lazy because society made them that way. Anarchy would not last because of human nature to bond with others who think alike and kill everyone else inorder to place themselves above the norm of humanity. But through anarchy, people could at least learn more about life rather then sit at a computer all day playing some even more fucked up version of World of Fuckcraft. People who believe in Anarchy are labled by "the man" as anarchist, most these days are posers, but then so is everyone else. Anarchy is true freedom, not poser freedom like america, or holland (they can smoke weed legally....(thats for the poser pot-heads)). A true anarchist is one at nature, a lone wolf is a true anarchist, the sex-pistols, fucking posers. dont be fooled.
<History Teacher> "Freedom is not free", you! explain!
<Anarchist(most likly a poser whos heard me ramble on about it but bare with me)> Freedom is not free because in order to achieve real freedom a person has to give up all sense of society and revert back to the natural state of being and from there figure out what is right or wrong from their own outlook on reality.
<History Teacher> What are you trying to say?
<Anarchist(poser....)> the only real freedom is anarchy. Like the sex pistols said. (see, i told you.... poser....)

by HippyPunxA March 20, 2007
Kind of like the Bat signal.

see Batman
Batman became and Anarchist and meshed the Anarchy symbol and the Bat signal together and thus the Aerosmith logo was born.
by WTF? March 11, 2005
A state of no-government and chaos which can never be sustained because there will always be someone there to keep order.
Anarchy can never happen, and I'm not one of those idiots who wants it too either.
by cmills February 12, 2005
The state that this nation shall be in when it falls like the Roman Empire. Then the liberals and attorneys will have to be taken out first because they'r stupidity is the worst.
Those yuppies and democrat hoseheads will fuck up anything. But they aren't talking their way out of this one now that they've caused anarchy, the only rule is triple points for doulbe shots.
by Anonymous September 20, 2003
a naeve political movement in wich there are no laws and no government.
Anyone who has seen a traffic light that's out can see that anarchy just won't work.
by Keith February 04, 2005
Anarchy is without government, it contradicts itself and without government WE WOULD ALL BE MURDERED AND RAPED!!

Anarchy can also mean you just dont want to follow government rules er shit, and thats your own problem when you STEP IN FUCKING SHIT!
anarchy is without government but all the people who want no government are a government because they are all working for the same cause DUMB SHITS!!

If there was anarchy there would be no police and very few would follow rules and we would all be raped and murdered
by KARIN ACHHHH July 20, 2004
it means to buttfuck a duck

like that one over there it's lookin sexy...
by Matt Damon August 12, 2004

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