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Saying Alright in a ghetto or gangsta way (better word then aight)
#1-Yo man that shit's Aike. #2-Yo man your raps are tight,Naw man there Aike. #3-Damn look at that car,I knoe man it Aike.
by Jonniver April 12, 2006
Meaning 'Who Does' or 'Who Is Ready' a Chinese term, now a Hip-Hop term.


Number 1: That streetball playa over there, he sick man.
Number 2: Ya say? He Aike with And 1.
by Layzee B November 30, 2005
derived from the name Andrew King.The boy's name Andrew \a-nd-rew, an-drew\ It is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "man, warrior". Other common abbreviations include AK, Andy, Kingo, Kingy, Rod, A-Rod, Rodney, Rigg & Drew.
Hi Aikes/AK/Andy/Kingo/Kingy/Rod/Rigg/Drew/
by Rigggga May 14, 2009

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