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A person with extraordinary high levels of both intelligence and looks, who completely dominates everything he or she attempts to do.
-Oh my God, I think I just saw a Gustaf.
-Don't give me that crap, there's only one of those in the entire world and I sincerely doubt he'll take a walk here out of all places.
-True that. True that.
by Leonard L April 19, 2006
Taking 3 strokes to hit your golf ball 25 yards with a hybrid rescue club
Ron duffed his tee shot and then proceeded to do a Gustaf and ended up taking a ten on the 11th hole at River Creek.
by polish paul July 16, 2008
A russian homosexual. Someone who plays on the opposite side of the fence. Often known for ringing bells.
Person on phone: Is Gustavo there?
Operator: No he is not
Person on phone: I was hoping to talk to him he is such a gustaf.
by Pharma Boy December 13, 2005
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