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The capital and largest city of Sweden. One of the nicest cities in the world to live in with a high standard of living
I went to Stockholm, Sweden last year
by The Prodigious Prodigy May 11, 2010
The city where every local run in the escalator, even if they're not in a hurry.
Tourist 1: Damn, did you see that girl running in the escalator?
Tourist 2: If you think that was escalator-running then you haven't been to Stockholm
by tuft_eat_what September 24, 2011
To engage in sexual activity in, on, around, or otherwise involving furniture. Preferably performed in an IKEA outlet which, given the chaotic environment, will likely go by unnoticed.
Dude, I totally gave her the Stockholm last night! Busted all over the couch!


Yeah, but it's from IKEA.

Oh that's so literal, word.
by Dr. Moriarty September 14, 2009
My home. The best place in the world. Sweden sucks, but Stockholm is awesome. Sure, people lose their virginity here at 12 years old, it's packed with "blattar" in some areas, but it's my home and I wouldn't change a thing in the world.
Guy 1: Hey dude, let's go fuck some hot Stockholm bitches!
Guy 2: fuck yea
by fuckyeaheverything August 02, 2011
default city
hey, let's go to stockholm and watch some great porno!
by wobbler May 12, 2003