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A winter hockey game, played with a red ball on an ice rink the size of a football pitch and with many rules similar to association football. It was developed in England in the 19th Century and is especially popular in Russia, Sweden and Finland, where it is played professionally. The Federation of International Bandy is recognised by the International Olympic Committee. The name of the game comes from the bent bandy stick.
Bandy is the football of winter, also called 'winter football'.
by EliasG April 21, 2015
A body part, (usually an eye) that is not quite right, without being obviously deficient.
Man, I'd tap that if it wasn't for the bandy eye.
by it's me ldo November 09, 2011
A member of the school band. Bandies usually hang out together, have inside jokes that nobody outside the band gets or understands (which are sometimes inexplicably used when not even in the presence of other bandies, leaving the bandy the only one to get the joke), and generally maintain their own sort of secret musicians' society. They may be friends with non-bandies/non-musicians, but when together with both bandies and non-bandies, they often talk about music-related subjects that the non-bandies don't understand, leaving the non-bandies out of the conversation.

This term may also sometimes be used to refer to members of the school orchestra.
"I called my friend to see if he wanted to do anything this weekend, but he said he already had something planned. I bet he's going to hang out with some of his bandies."
by sgmidence June 19, 2005
A variation of the commonly recognized hand job or handy in which the bandee inverts their hand from a fore grip to a back handed grip. This style offers the recipient maximum erectile attention especially in confined spaces such as cars or airplane seats as the back and forth motion is significantly more ergonomic for the person offering the bandy.
Unable to attain enough range on the hand job for maximum affect my wife switched up to the bandy style and it work great.
by Crap dick 2 March 02, 2016
Adjective used to describe the style of clothing, hair, accessories and over-all look of people of the rock persuasion and any of it's subcategories.
Shawn Harris (from The Matches) is so frickin' bandy.
by Crystal and Angela November 23, 2004
A group of people who are all in band.
They tend to call other band people bandies, or refering to their friends in band.
The most amazing people you will ever meet.
Spend mornings/ other classes/ lunch/ and after school in the band room.
Have their band director on speed dial and email him.
All of their best friends are in band also. Dates other band people.
"Yeah, us bandies have to play at the game tonight."

"For us bandies, it's marching season, not umm...oh football."
by Amazing. January 04, 2009
The most awesomest people alive ever! They play awesome music and they are a group of friends who have the funnest times together!
Those bandies sure know how to have fun and play music at the same time!
by Bandies4ever October 05, 2010
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