In India "Aaron" is a slang word for pimp.
In North America, the name "Aaron" commands respect and fear.
In Europe, "Aaron" means sexy, athletic.

In Greece, the name "Aaron" means Gladiator.
In all other parts of the world, "Aaron" means, Diamonds.
That dude's got mad sex appeal, bet his name is Aaron.
The Gods of Olympus called on Aaron, to defeat the scurge of the Underworld.
I love my new 24 Karat Aaron!!
by Mikell Jaxen February 03, 2010
Often the sexiest guy around, and is mostly the life of the party. Has extremely BAMF-like qualities, and is called a boopbop by his friends. With long amazing hair, can get all the ladies whenever he so chooses. It's bros before hoes with him, and he always comes through. His extremely large dick is legendary among the women of this world.
" Bro, that guy was so cool, he had all the girls wrapped around his finger."

"Thats Aaron, he never ceases to amaze us."

Girl 1. " I went home with the most amazig guy last night, I couldn't ask for anyone sexier! He pleasured me all night."

Girl 2. " that guy is a total Aaron. Your so lucky!"
by BAMF!!! October 11, 2009
The most sweetest, smartest, happiest guy I know. You can never find any other guy like him, I guarantee it. He's always supporting me, always backing me up in tough situations and actually understands... He never judges people ever. He always calls me beautiful, gorgeous,...etc.. The first time I met him he seemed really shy, but now that we've been together for almost 1 year, he's the most outgoing party freak animal that I know of.. which I love! He never bores me, We talk on the phone for hours and hours and whenever he points out how long we've been talking, it only feels like a few minutes! That's what I hate! Time with him goes by so fast. I love him so much. He's different then most guys who just smoke weed and shuffle all day. He influences me to do good in school and not to do drugs ever. I love him for that. He never pressures me in to doing things I don't wanna do. He's 15, and I'm 14. I met him when I was 13, and I'm not even kidding it was love at first sight. I literally went up to him and said "You're cute" That's where it all started. February 12, 2011
It was literally love at first sight,
Aaron Joel Miranda+Sophia Elizabeth Gewarges <333
by InlovexX January 07, 2012
Aaron is amazing! Brown hair, deep brown eyes, shy, athletic, super smart, funny, handsome. If you meet an aaron never let him go!
omg did you just see aaron walk by?
he's amazing!
by my locker is a library April 12, 2011
The coolest cwalker/friend.(=
he's hotter than you :D
and has fckn pie up his ass.

he is
"my firend is like an aaron."
by carolinecrazychaos June 13, 2008
Aaron is lovely , he is one of the most good looking fellas inside out you'll ever meet , his cock is godly and you will never forget it simply perfect! Also known for his amazing bum, He is gentle kind and caring although tends to lock up his emotions and may come across cold at times! but thats just aaron , hes the sweetest guy in the world when he wants to be , it may not work out with an aaron for you but you should always stay close hes not someone easy to let go off , one of a kind youll never forget him.
by charlie taylor22 November 10, 2011
An all-around amazing guy. He is handsome in his own way. He will never fail to make you laugh, but can be serious sometimes as well. He is the sweetest guy you could meet, and when he says he would fight for you, he really means it. Though it doesn't look like it, he can kick butt if he has to. When he speaks, you can't help but be interested. Bottom line, pretty much the best friend/significant other anyone could ask for.
Dude 1: We were studying Daoism in Social Studies today and Aaron was saying this amazing stuff about it.

Dude 2: Darn man, I'm jealous.

couldn't think of anything better...orz
by resident_bookworm August 01, 2011

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