the nicest, coolest kid you have ever met.he will beat ur ass at beer pong. probably has the biggest weiner around town. on a scale of 1-10, he is easily an 11
once you go (aaron) you wont go back!
by sir pervious March 01, 2010
Aaron is simply perfect. He's sweet and caring, while he can be manly and mature at the same time. Never let one go when you get an Aaron in your life. If you're lucky enough to date him, give him time to open up to you. Once you earn his trust he will tell you exactly how he feels and while care how you feel. He's slow with being physical bc he respects girls, but once you get him turned on he will be so hot and know exactly what to do. He's marriage material and you better be completely loyal to him bc he gets very jealous. If you don't look at other guys it's guaranteed he wont look at other girls. He's extremely intelligent and thoughtful!
Single Friend: "What did Aaron get you for Valentines?"

Me: "A dozen roses, a box of chocolates, and an evening alone at his place.. ;)"
Single Friend: "I'm so jealous. What's his brother's name again?!"
by LeelaXFry March 08, 2013
Aaron is the type of person who can always bring a smile to your face. He can make you laugh in an instant even when you have that English test you didn't study for and your parents will kill you if you don't make over a 90%. Aarons' are usually attractive and smart but never show off. Aarons' emanate a happy aura and are always trustworthy and honest. Even when you feel like the world has swallowed you up, Aaron is always there just ready to make you smile. He's God's gift to the world so make the best memories you can with him!
"I met this guy yesterday!"

"Oh, yeah? What was he like?"

"He was a really happy kind of person! It was as if there was something about him that just made me smile."

"Must've been an Aaron..."

"How'd you know?"
by coolbluebunny February 03, 2013
One of the greatest guys you will meet! He is shy to strangers but once you are friends he is crazy fun and outgoing. Usually has a great scene of humor and will always bring a smile to your face just at the sight of him. He is a great friend and can easily be confused for more than that, go for it cause he is once in a lifetime, if it doesn't work out he's the kind of guy who won't let it change your friendship. Tends to have good looks and an above average body but doesn't let it get to his head. Aarons are always really good guys with good morals!
me- what do you think of Aaron?
bff- you like him don't you?
me- I'm not sure if I want to be more than friends!
by calicutestuff November 12, 2013
A tall white kid who loves cars to a weird extent. He loves to say "Yeah buddy!" a lot and makes jokes that don't make much sense. He is trustworthy to his friends and loves camp. He also loves computers and snowboarding. He also finds coolness in stuff that other people don't think is cool.
Sam: "Yeah buddy!"

Jonah: "Sam, don't be such an Aaron S"
by smf399 February 16, 2013
An amazing guy. period. Always there for you. The type of guy that seems to like everyone but the girl that has loved him since first grade. Needs to realize that he loves Katie too.
That guy over there is SUCH an aaron!
by Pinkpaint February 04, 2010
A man (sometimes woman, boy, girl, elderly person, alien, or fish) who enjoys celebrating birthdays. It is his lifetime ambition to wish people named Amara "Happy Birthday!" every day of their lives.
Aaron: Happy Birthday, Amara!
Amara: It's not my birthday.
Aaron: It's your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMARA!
by fan of birthdays April 16, 2013
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