Stubborn and has his own way of approaching life's situations.Passionate about music and art.Ocean breezes are calling his name.Talented and more than meets the eye.Hardworking and working hard.Charming but doesn't take advantage.Cautious by nature.Iron will.Doesn't want anyone to even mention his name.Sensitive.Caring and considerate.A good big brother and a dedicated daddy.Magnetic.Solo.Supa dupa fly.
Don't get too close to an Aaron; you may never want to leave.
by babymamabutnodrama0426 June 11, 2009
The most wonderful person in this world. Someone who brightens your day just by being around him. He can always make you laugh and is a funny guy. An Aaron is someone who you can trust and will easily become your world and your everything. When you look into his eyes, all the pain in your life goes away. An Aaron is a very caring person and super protective of the people he loves. He can always make you smile. He is very handsome, sexy, and beautiful and he has an amazing body! Aaron loves his alcohol and weed, but he is also very athletic. An Aaron is someone who knows how to have a good time. He is an amazing guy and no one could ever be more amazing than him. He is very strong and very open minded. He is everything a girl would want in a guy. Any girl who is loved by an Aaron is the luckiest girl alive!! He could get any girl he wants but needs the one that will give him the care he needs. He will make the best of all friends and no one can compare. If you have an Aaron in your life, you don't wanna lose him and if you do lose him it will be the worst thing that ever happened to you. Without Aaron, there's no purpose in life. He is also a GREAT kisser and is very good with his hands! ;)
He's such an amazing person!! He's such an Aaron!
by crazyonyou2 March 17, 2010
An Aaron is the most perfect guy in the world. Kind, sweet and beautiful. Perfection personified, an Aaron makes the girl he's with feel so loved and happy.
Aaron is perfection, Perfection is Aaron.
by tapacceb July 19, 2009
The most perfect and wonderful guy in the universe. He's romantic and special, one of a kind, a homegrown farm boy. Sometimes he can be a little bit of a mama's boy, but it's endearing. He's gorgeous and perfect, and every guy wants to be like him, every girl wants to be with him.
Person A: I'm dating a total Aaron!
Person B: Oh, you are SO lucky!
by Lily-Jade November 10, 2008
An Aaron is a person that is remarkably adorable, very sweet, and very caring. He is a guy that makes the one girl he is with, feel like she is the most special and important thing in the world - even though she is not, he is. An Aaron may have made very many mistakes, and has had a not so amazing childhood, but he still is always smiling, and he is still completely perfect. He is a person that can make you smile just by the very sight of him, nobody can ever come to as amazing as Aaron.
*I love Aaron*
by asafa<3 May 13, 2011
Someone whose off-the-chart awesomeness will blow your freaking mind. Guaranteed.
Dude 1: Hi, what's your name?
Dude 2: Aaron.
by Games4me August 29, 2010
In India "Aaron" is a slang word for pimp.
In North America, the name "Aaron" commands respect and fear.
In Europe, "Aaron" means sexy, athletic.

In Greece, the name "Aaron" means Gladiator.
In all other parts of the world, "Aaron" means, Diamonds.
That dude's got mad sex appeal, bet his name is Aaron.
The Gods of Olympus called on Aaron, to defeat the scurge of the Underworld.
I love my new 24 Karat Aaron!!
by Mikell Jaxen February 03, 2010

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