the bestest friend in the whole fucking universe. he is not a homosexual, you dolt :) cheeeeaaaa :D
AARON Is super cool and sexyness
by pimpstatusssssss April 19, 2008
Da most sexyiest n smartest guy in da world. Straight all da way. Awsome in everything
Aaron is so smart always cool.
by Mattew Smith January 16, 2008
Aaron is the most beautifulest guy in the world. Anyone would adore him. Hes cute, funny, and knows how to make people laugh. When he smiles the whole room lights up. He's the kind of guy you wish you can cuddle with. His laugh is very contagious to others. Doesn't cry often. Around the skinny side. Aaron's like to tease people about certain personality traits. They usually get made fun of, but they just slack it off. They go for what they believe in and never stop trying. Love sports; very athletic. Very easy to listen to. An amazing guy in general. He only has one true love. He doesn't like to admit personal things in public. Aaron's can be a jerk at times, but they are always forgivable. They love to be involved in everything with everyone. They don't give hugs often; only to loved ones. To rap everything up, Aaron is a one of a kind guy. Anyone would love to have him.
Girl 1 - Hey look, its Aaron :).
Girl 2 - Isn't he just amazing!
by AmandaBarichello December 19, 2010
A guy who looked up his real name and is laughing at how stupid people's defintions are
Im aaron
by Xephiz December 08, 2012
To be Aaron is to be MEGA! This is because everything about Aaron is so awesome that whenever you wish to call his name you must say 'MEGA-Aaron'. Those who's names are Aaron and wish to earn the reputation of the title MEGA-Aaron... You can't! So be original and go find your own title, you cheapskate moron!
Man that Aaron kid is so MEGA!
I a MEGA-Aaron!
by MEGA-Aaron August 24, 2008
Basically just a god among men. Type of guy that spills lemonade at a restaurant and genuinely feels bad about it so he wipes it up with his all-powerful penis, all with a smile on his face. Type of guy who never misplaces a sock, and always has exact change. He can speak german, in french. An Aaron is constantly told that he is the funniest person that someone has ever met, but he is far too focused on fighting off malicious viruses for the good of mankind to even except the compliment. An Aaron always has the answer but pretends not to sometimes because he doesnt want to be percieved as a know it all. Aarons often come up with catchphrases that other people pick up but he doesnt mind everyone stealing his material because he'll just think up something even more awesome tomorrow. Aarons can spit in to the wind. Aarons can count their chickens beofre they hatch, and then use that number to draw a mural of the meaning of life. An Aaron can lick his own elbow (go ahead, try it you little chump. yep couldnt do it, could you? Youre no fucking Aaron, thats a for sure) Aaron is a traditionally a jewish name but that doesnt stop him from dunking on a full sized basketball hoop, while eating pork.
I have never met a real Aaron before, but my vagina is really aching to.
by HeyImAaron January 11, 2010
A sexy guy who's the most sweetest guy on Earth, he knows how to treat a girl. He's entertaining and usually is an emo person.
Most Aaron's have a passion for music, and are very intelligent. Athletic, intelligent, artistic, funny and romantic; basically he's the perfect guy, the guy every girl wants. (Best guy ever! - well, that's my opinion)
Mia: Oh how i heart thee Aaron
Aaron: I heart you too Mia. A.M*
by A.MSparks April 29, 2009

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