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A male, who is extremely sexy. Girls who catch a glimpse of him, spontaniously combust. Overall one sexy mofo.
"aaron is very sexy" - god
by :) teehee November 03, 2010
An old sole. Aware of the now with the spirit of the past. Kind sole who always looks out for others. Full of love. Very level headed but yet adventurous. Others are drawn to him and seek his friendship.
Parents say "Aaron is the greatest guy, he's welcome at my house. I'm glad my daughter knows him".
by lovinlife19 February 06, 2010
One sexxii ass guy! He is soo sweet, he has a very manly voice, and Gorgeous eyes! He is one of those guys you can take home to your parents, and they will love him just like i do! He is entertaining even when he doesnt mean to be, you will never get bored of him!
Aaron sexxii sweet manly gorgeous entertaining love sexy
by Dixieclassics July 16, 2010
A very loyal, kind, handsome and trustworthy man. He is friends with everyone, but loves his one girl more than anything. He is so faithful to her, and does not even pay a lick of attention to other girls. To him, his girl is his world. He is sweet, and laid back. If you have an Aaron, dont let him go, because you will always be the happiest girl on the planet. He is the perfect man, and is your soulmate.
Wow, you found your soulmate? His name must be Aaron.
by bigheartedgirl January 19, 2012
THE most amazing boyfriend in the whole intire world! I love him to peices and so does everyone else!! He is the sweetest kindest most caring person you will ever meet! :) I love you baby!
Aaron: Were going to see the JB movie? :/
Me: yeah?
Aaron: Ok. But only for you :)
by Seriously?!?!? February 18, 2011
A particularly unreliable fuck, commonly found having extremely nappy hair. Its native habitat is Asia, but it's found in southern United States, among other places.
"I told you to do the damn dishes, stop being an Aaron!"
"Mother, can you help me with my homework?" "Shut up son, I didn't name you Aaron for a reason."
"Hey dad, I'm gonna take a shower now." "Good, wash that Aaron out of your system."
by Freeda Slaves November 10, 2013
the nicest, coolest kid you have ever met.he will beat ur ass at beer pong. probably has the biggest weiner around town. on a scale of 1-10, he is easily an 11
once you go (aaron) you wont go back!
by sir pervious March 01, 2010