Alcohol Induced Drippy Shits
Man I woke up with a bad case of aids, maybe I should have laid off the whiskey
by cdwnewark August 01, 2008
Alcohol Induced Drippy Shits - happens when you drink too much and the next day you experience diarrhea.
1 - "Dude, I got mad AIDS from last night"

2 - "Yeah, me too"
by AxelPee May 19, 2008
A-Rod Indeed Does Suck
A.I.D.S speaks for itself. Statistics are like bikins they show you alot but don't show you everything. If you can't hit in the clutch then you suck!
by Mr. Joe August 24, 2006
A point-based MMIRL game. Several players compete to get the most points by having unprotected sex and other stuff. The more points you have, the higher chance you have of winning various diseases.

Protected sex: 0 points
Unprotected sex with someone who's been tested: depends on the results of the test
Unprotected sex with someone you know: 2 point
Unprotected sex with a stranger: 5 points
Unprotected sex with strangers: 10 points
Multiply total score by 10x if you're gay
Let's play AIDS!
by Xtreme2252 September 15, 2009
A STD geared to scare teenagers out of sex
A complete success
but they forgot about pregnancy
AIDS are a very dangerous STD.
by RicoSwavey July 05, 2009
Alcohol Induced Diarreah Syndrome.

When you get wasted drunk and piss out of your ass all day long.
I drank a fifth of tequila last night and have been suffering from AIDS all day
by yourmomlovesmycock February 06, 2008
AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease that can be passed on from a man to a woman or from man to man. It is a disease that kills your white blood cells. Therefore your immune system is stopped and you cannot get better from any other illnesses e.g. flu. (also known as influenza).
AIDS can also be passed on from things like needles e.g. unclean needles used from one person to another in tatoos. It can even be passed on from breastfeeding.
stacey: did you hear about Lotty?

Mel: what?
stacey: she got AIDS!
Mel: how?
stacey: she had sex with brad who has aids
mel: how did brad get it?
stacey: When he got breast fed by his mother
mel: how did his mom get it?
stacey: she got a dirty tatoo needle
by Juls!!alie May 20, 2009
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