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1. This is the combination of sweat, semen and cum, that drips within the the crack of your ass after sexual intercourse. female or male can experience this treat, it just depends on who's on the bottom.

2. This is also known as the mixture created after anal intercourse. Hence the name gravy due to the thought of the color it may be.
I pounded that ass all night! We made all types of booty gravy!!!
#booty juice #butt juice #butt gravy #booty punch #butt punch
by Jencredible April 23, 2008
Broke Wrist Syndrome. This is a term for a gay man. Most suffer from this. The flamer usually have a tendency to wave his hand around in a girlish way like a female. Thus suffering from BWS!
Look at that flamer with BWS!
Does he suffer from BWS? (Referring to if that guy is gay.)
#gay #fag #flamer #butt pirate #rump ranger.
by Jencredible April 18, 2008
Asshole Injected Death Sentence
Make sure you cover your bone because you don't want to catch AIDS!!
#mandown #hiv #flu you can't shake #gift that keeps giving #aids
by Jencredible April 16, 2008
Refers to a person that is mixed, usually black and white.
You know that girl over there is a bird dog.
#synonyms : oreo #zebra #mixed #mixed breed #mut
by Jencredible April 16, 2008
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