1)Just about anything bad
2)unsightly or terrible
3)used to bring up anyones physical insecureties
ex:"It smells like Aids in here"
ex:"Dude what's with the Aids on your face?"
ex:"Ha ha ha look at his Aids"
by Shadoweyes September 04, 2008

In other words, when one gets depressed under the effect of alcohol.
- Dude, Mary's crying for no reason!
- Don't worry, she has AIDS.
- She what?!
- Alcohol-induced depression syndrome.
- Ah, that's OK then.
by nariamod August 18, 2008
YOU gonna die!!!!!
by ZOMBIE EDGEHEAD July 10, 2008
A.wsomely I.ndescrible D.elicious S.nack

A chocolaty fudge bar with nuts that gives you orgasmic pleasure.

Warning: May cause death!
Boy 1: Hey you wanna go grab and AIDS bar?

Boy 2: Sure!
by Wendy Jo June 16, 2008
A common word in central MN used primarily to show a dislike for something, or a derogatory comment
Fuck that rotten meat looks like aids!

"No i cant go i gotta work in an hour"-"shit thats aids"

Dammit dude u are such an aid!
by Orgasman September 14, 2008
Alcohol Induced Drippy Shits
Man I woke up with a bad case of aids, maybe I should have laid off the whiskey
by cdwnewark August 01, 2008
Alcohol Induced Drippy Shits - happens when you drink too much and the next day you experience diarrhea.
1 - "Dude, I got mad AIDS from last night"

2 - "Yeah, me too"
by AxelPee May 19, 2008

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