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A fake person or someone who claims a special or different background from the real one. A person who claims a certain hood or city that they've never been to.
That girl from the grouphome who said she was from San Francisco is just a nack.
by Ken H. Johnson August 02, 2006
A word that originates in Charlotte, North Carolina to mean dressed well, or "fresh".
My man Jay just got them royal posites. I'm telling you, the nigga STAY nack as fuck.
by Philburr March 16, 2011
Pre-dinner snack
Wanna get some nack?
I wanna get nacked up.
Time for some nacking.
by harkes December 09, 2010
Snacks so delicious, you can't get the whole word out (without spitting out crumbs, that is). See also: nosh.
The only reason I ran that race was so that I could sit on my ass and eat all kinds of nacks without guilt.
by Snackstar April 13, 2011
Really hurts
Ive done my back in. It nacks like hell!
by guavarabella November 12, 2008
Gay Penetration of two men
Drew:Steve Im gonna nack u
Steve: Drew, Nack me all night long
by Cordeiro March 12, 2005
Close to right but wrong
You're nack he's not the President he's the Vice President
by Cpugh12346 October 01, 2011