Aboriginal Bum Cleaner
look at that abc rimming that bleck chick
by The original ABC August 20, 2003
Affirmative Blacktion Cop. A cop that's member of a quota demographic that displays such obvious signs of incompetence that you can't help but think he or she had the test requirements at cop school lowered and got hired because they had a quota to fill.

Plays on the more common definition of the abbreviation. "He's still in his ABCs" "He belongs in preschool" "We have to explain everything to him".
"He didn't even know what he arrested you for, what an ABC!"
by DavidAdrian July 29, 2014
Abbreviation for "Always be Closing". Describes the ability and frequency of having sexual relations with multiple partners the first night you meet them.
Friend 1: "You think your luck will continue at the Hang Nail Lounge tonight? You have to be running out of girls you haven't banged their yet"

Friend 2: "My streak will continue. You know me, abc!"
by Rico Not-So Suave March 08, 2013
Anything But Caucasian: a white male whose lifestyle and interests reflect anything but white culture. ABC's are best known for their emulation of hip hop music and their affinity for dating any kind of girl except caucasian.
Adam is such an ABC. He only goes out with latin girls, he plays basketball and he listens to korean rap.
by truerebel December 13, 2010
Anything But Clothes
Guy1: Hey dude did you go to the ABC party.

Guy2: Nah man I hella wanted too.
by late45 June 01, 2010
At all levels of care, the ABC protocol exists to remind the person delivering treatment of the importance of airway, breathing, and circulation to the maintenance of a patient's life.
He or she is lying over there Go and check there abc
by tommy2503 April 03, 2010
your ass ball conection
where your balls and ass hole meet your ABC
by mister baseball May 26, 2009

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