alcohol, bud, and coke
On the last day of school Matt and I did the ABC's.
by Kammy312 December 01, 2007
Aboriginal Bum Cleaner
look at that abc rimming that bleck chick
by The original ABC August 20, 2003
Anything But Clothes
Guy1: Hey dude did you go to the ABC party.

Guy2: Nah man I hella wanted too.
by late45 June 01, 2010
your ass ball conection
where your balls and ass hole meet your ABC
by mister baseball May 26, 2009
It's easy as 1-2-3!

~Jackson 5
As simple as DO RE MI, A B C, 1 2 3 baby you and me girl!
by Yoyobye April 06, 2008
1. A instrumentally sound new age group from the 80's.
2. A song Performed By the Jackson 5
1. That album Absolutely A.B.C. was the shizznit!
2. Michael Jackson was off the chain when he sang A.B.C.
by Mass Chaos October 28, 2003
Acronym for "Answer the Booty Call."
After a woman calls, you leave and state to your friends, "I have to ABC."

When your friend's phone rings from a woman, but your friend ignores the call, you state: " Dude, you always ABC!"
by runL September 10, 2011

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