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alcohol, bud, and coke
On the last day of school Matt and I did the ABC's.
by Kammy312 December 01, 2007
4 5
the Ass/Balls Connector-

the area of skin connecting one's scrote to the anus- known primarliy for sexual arousal, and smelling ripe with the function.
that girl was reaching for my sack, instead she hit me in the A.B.C.!!!
by Poner May 06, 2006
9 10
At all levels of care, the ABC protocol exists to remind the person delivering treatment of the importance of airway, breathing, and circulation to the maintenance of a patient's life.
He or she is lying over there Go and check there abc
by tommy2503 April 03, 2010
1 3
convenience stores found at every street corner in Hawaii. stands for Aloha Brings Customers.
Hey, I'm going to run to ABC for some milk.
by j9blackcat December 28, 2009
4 6
anything but country. typically used by those editing their music section on their internet profiles, saying that they like most genres of music with the exception of country, which many despise.
Favorite Music: Lil Wayne, Rolling Stones, Sublime, Atmosphere, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, some techno.. you know, pretty much abc.
by bawbooo May 28, 2008
9 11
alcoholic beverage container...made in wooshop
go store all the vodka in the A.B.C.
by davey poo April 19, 2005
7 9
A liquor store commonly found in central Florida.
I went to ABC to buy some wine.
by eSouth March 12, 2005
14 16