Is also known as the anatomically correct portion of flesh just between your Ass and Balls. Also refered to as your ABC or "Ass Ball Connector".
This can be used to ease a girl into liking her ABC's. It can go something like this. "Hell Yea, Lisa lets roll back to my crib so you can get the low on my ABC's."
by J PimPin February 05, 2006
always be closing
top sales producers, motto "abc" always be closing
by Anonymous October 23, 2003
Abbreviation for "Always be Closing". Describes the ability and frequency of having sexual relations with multiple partners the first night you meet them.
Friend 1: "You think your luck will continue at the Hang Nail Lounge tonight? You have to be running out of girls you haven't banged their yet"

Friend 2: "My streak will continue. You know me, abc!"
by Rico Not-So Suave March 08, 2013
Annoying Boner in Class
Matt had such a blatant A.B.C the other day
by Jerome . C February 12, 2008
alcohol, bud, and coke
On the last day of school Matt and I did the ABC's.
by Kammy312 December 01, 2007
anal bum cover
quaids got the a-b-c's
by asdf December 05, 2003
Aboriginal Bum Cleaner
look at that abc rimming that bleck chick
by The original ABC August 20, 2003

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