A technique you can use when performing oral sex on a woman. Simply put, you use your tongue to trace the letters of the alphabet on a womans vagina.
I began using the ABC technique on her pussy but got tongue twisted when i forgot what came after Q.
by Vengence March 07, 2008
"Anything But Caucasian" When a person is sexually attracted to members of non-Caucasian races and ethnicities and is not attracted to Caucasians.
I swear he has ABC tendencies. He'll go out with Asians, Latins, Blacks, etc, but not Caucasians.
by ABCBerger June 30, 2011
A good way to eat out a girl.
I licked the abc's on the girls face.
by bah blah January 07, 2008
plural noun, 1. The alphabet.
singular noun, 2. The basic facts of a subject.
1. One of the first things preschoolers learn are their ABC's.
2. Using dimensional analysis is considered to be one of the ABC's of analyzing the physical sciences.
by some punk kid September 26, 2005
To do the ABC's is to drink alcohol, smoke bud, and snort coke
Yesterday John and I did the ABC's.
by Kammy312 December 02, 2007
The ABC or doing the ABC is the act of spelling the letters of the alphabet with your tounge on your ladies clit...Trust me BIG hit, I should know...I'm a lesbian!!
A... B... C... D.... OOHHH .... E.... ARRRR..... F..... G..... YESSSSS.
Me and my girl have never got past L, doing the abc.
by risha white March 30, 2007
The basics- learning the beginner way.
Random Person: "Wow... That's what you call math? It's yet another moment of déjà vu, starting with kindergarten. We must be learning the ABC's!
by 17G December 07, 2011

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