Acronym for "Answer the Booty Call."
After a woman calls, you leave and state to your friends, "I have to ABC."

When your friend's phone rings from a woman, but your friend ignores the call, you state: " Dude, you always ABC!"
by runL September 10, 2011
it stands 4-
Already Been Chewed
Already Been Chopped
Alreaady Been Cleaned
hey u want some A.B.C gum?
It's A.B.C for you
the bathroom's A.B.C
by dont mess with me123 April 06, 2010
convenience stores found at every street corner in Hawaii. stands for Aloha Brings Customers.
Hey, I'm going to run to ABC for some milk.
by j9blackcat December 28, 2009
abbreviation for Always Be Careful
abc always be careful
by hksone July 14, 2009
ASS BALL CONNECTOR. The area between the anus and testicles.
Johnny got kicked in his A.B.C.
by BDP Big Daddy Patrick December 20, 2008
Ass to balls connection
Oooh i got kicked in the a b c
by Goooch July 11, 2008
anything but country. typically used by those editing their music section on their internet profiles, saying that they like most genres of music with the exception of country, which many despise.
Favorite Music: Lil Wayne, Rolling Stones, Sublime, Atmosphere, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, some techno.. you know, pretty much abc.
by bawbooo May 28, 2008

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