A liquor store commonly found in central Florida.
I went to ABC to buy some wine.
by eSouth March 12, 2005
A term that stands for already been chewed. This is most commonly used to describe chewed gum.
He picked the gum off from under the chair to eat it, even though it was a.b.c.
by Annette February 28, 2005
Already Been Chewed gum.
I don't want ABC gum!
by MoonKnight November 30, 2002
Anything But Caucasian: a white male whose lifestyle and interests reflect anything but white culture. ABC's are best known for their emulation of hip hop music and their affinity for dating any kind of girl except caucasian.
Adam is such an ABC. He only goes out with latin girls, he plays basketball and he listens to korean rap.
by truerebel December 13, 2010
abbreviation for Always Be Careful
abc always be careful
by hksone July 14, 2009
ASS BALL CONNECTOR. The area between the anus and testicles.
Johnny got kicked in his A.B.C.
by BDP Big Daddy Patrick December 20, 2008
Ass to balls connection
Oooh i got kicked in the a b c
by Goooch July 11, 2008

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