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a practically useless word created to distinguish initials from acronyms.

the word was crafted to ensure that those who do not subscribe to the concept are made to feel ridiculous when they have to ask "what is an initialism?"
Nate: New York was great, we went on a tour of the Yune and met the Secretary-General.

Trav: Nate, it's not called the Yune, it's called the U.N., it's an initialism for United Nations

Nate: Oh.... what the fuck is an initialism?

Trav: You're an idiot everyone knows an initialsm is when you say the letters - like U.N.

Nate: Isn't that basically an acronym?

Trav: No you tool. An acronym is when you make the initials of something into a new word, like NASA. They're two TOTALLY different things.

Sayran: Oh Trav - you're too smart for me!
by just_the_tip April 21, 2010
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