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int. a combination of the word bleh and eck. it has precisely the same meanings associated with those two words though merged into one, supreme word.

adj. an arbitrary word, used when describing something negatively while in a neutral state of mind.
fatyogurt34: i love peas and carrots!

jimmydo8: ..bleck..
by Alex March 06, 2005
138 84
An outburst of great distaste or displeasure.
"Bleck! This sandwich tastes like wall!"
by AbePwns March 07, 2008
92 41
A mixture of oil and grease or oil and general filth. Black in colour and extremely difficult to wash out of clothes.
"Just going out on my bike, mum."

"Well don't get bleck on those trousers!"
by finaldiner September 26, 2011
9 9
to regurgitate abruptly and forcefully
Frank removed the beer hose from his mouth, slapped several high fives, and then blecked on the pool table.
by Beeg May 08, 2005
30 49
The sound whales emit during sexual intercourse.
Whale A: You like that baby?

Whale B: BLECKK!!!!!
by DJeezy July 24, 2008
51 73
bleck is another word for black.
"i got dark from tanning, i look bleck."
by jayjayyoo July 02, 2009
31 57