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Nice try, but the final product sucks.
Kid: Mom! Dad! Check out this painting I did in class today!
Mom: It looks wonderful son!
Dad: Sigh, A for effort, I suppose.
Mom: Honey, don't be so hard on him, the painting is decent for his age.
Dad: I was talking about us.
by kpmandookid June 23, 2011
Not the worst attempt. Perhaps if you invested a little more time and brain work, you would get something that you can actually be proud of instead of this pile of rubbish.
Boy : Hey sweetie, I got you something
Girl : Oh Wow! What did you get me?
Boy : A Brand New Star Wars T-shirt
Girl : *sigh* Oh well. A for Effort.
by Beewol the Talkative Rocker April 22, 2016
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