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A made up word used only by newscasters to show off that they're doing the job they're paid to do. A poor attempt to make the word ‘effort’ into a verb. To make it sound like something simple is tough to do, so they’re making extra effort. Often used as a stall when a report isn’t ready.
We’re efforting to get that hurricane report from the beach ready for you.
#effort #work #stall #job #task
by RadioRay September 24, 2005
A made-up word used by TV news producers or assignment editors who should be mouth-punched; often used by people who think it's a more eloquent way of admitting fail.
"Lindsay Lohan mugshots? Oh, yeah, I'm, uh, efforting them now."

"Efforting? Only the paste-eaters in the TV department use that retardese."
#effort #efforting #tv news #stupid word #fail #failure
by Elemenopio August 03, 2012
verb, to be attempting to
Quote from WDSU (New Orleans, LA) Live Hurricane Coverage as seen on internet:
"We are efforting to bring you a live video from the
Seventeenth Street Canal." 9/23/05
#trying #attempting #endevoring #striving #aiming
by Frank Panza September 24, 2005
The acts of putting forth effort, either in the thinking stage or action stage, in order to complete a task.
"Have you done that project yet?" "I'm efforting."
#eforting #effort #thinking about it #almost-there #kinda-sorta
by Bigswing March 20, 2007
The use of physical or mental energy to do something; exertion.
A difficult exertion of the strength or will: It was an effort to get up.
A usually earnest attempt: Make an effort to arrive promptly.
Something done or produced through exertion; an achievement: a play that was his finest effort.
Don is efforting that task as we speak.
by Jack Jones November 25, 2003
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