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A made up word used only by newscasters to show off that they're doing the job they're paid to do. A poor attempt to make the word ‘effort’ into a verb. To make it sound like something simple is tough to do, so they’re making extra effort. Often used as a stall when a report isn’t ready.
We’re efforting to get that hurricane report from the beach ready for you.
by RadioRay September 24, 2005
A 1990's phrase that means that everyone should share data. There should be no secrets between those in the meeting. As in a Japanese wife showing her husband her naked body by opening her silk robe or kimono.
If we’re going to make any progress with this new standard, we’re going to make sure everyone agrees to open the kimono and not withhold any information.
by RadioRay September 24, 2005
Always together, like siamese twins, inseparable, where one goes the other is sure to follow.
Amy and her boss were joined at the hip; you never saw one without the other.
by RadioRay September 24, 2005
A way of saying that the group has reached a consensus; agreement after debate. Based on the tradition of burning straw along with the ballots to make white smoke above the Vatican when the College of Cardinals has elected a new Pope.
After three hours of negotiation, I think we finally have white smoke!
by RadioRay September 24, 2005
The act of changing TV channels without finding a channel to stop on. Pressing the up or down button on the TV remote control while hoping to find something worth watching. This involuntary muscle reaction is triggered by the commercial. Sometimes the act of channel surfing becomes entertainment in and of itself. From the concept of a spending time doing tricks on a board shaped device. For males of the species, it is possible simultaneously watch two or three programs and still follow the weak attempt at a plot.
Q: What are you watching?
A: Nada dude, just channel surfing.
by RadioRay September 24, 2005
Difficult to do, formidable, not easy. Mostly UK
He’ll be hard put to get respect dressed like that.
by RadioRay September 24, 2005
To intentionally withhold information from someone. Either to avoid confrontation or to gain from the other’s lack of information. From the comparison to mushrooms, “I’m like a mushroom, then keep me in the dark and feed me bullshit.”
When it comes to keeping something secret, the plan should be to keep in the dark.
by RadioRay September 24, 2005

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