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faux language spoken only by mockingly retarded people
noob email: "Send this to 10 people and Bill Gates will track every forward and send a penny for each recipient to the Center for Mental Retardation Research!"

my reply: "Sorry, I don't speak retardese."
by Phil E Drifter February 22, 2008
The preferred lexicon of the message board/bulletin board troll
Laker_Girl is speaking retardese again, i need a translator.
by Vapster September 09, 2005
To talk or communicate in a very stupid manner, very ignorant or dumb word use jibberish , ideas or wording, communication that is senseless or inappropriate for the moment nonsense , time or place. Usually considered most when a person does it often and it becomes standard or most relevant as a characterization for thier communication style. It includes ideas, word choice and lack of relevance to the topic or people you are talking to . Can be considered as lies due to the lack of information or fact fictionmoreover, being deceitful . Fake and false : as in wrong, dumb and stupid talking dumbshit
Bitch I am not listening or understanding what you are saying because I don't speak retardese
by Falcon H March 02, 2015
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