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Entry: T·G·I·(A)·F
Pronunciaton: ('tE 'jE 'I 'A 'ef)
Function: verb, noun, pronoun, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction, interjection, phrase, exclamation whatever the heck you want it to be

Definition: "Thank God It's (Almost) Friday"; usually in reference to a Thursday or other day right before Friday.

Alternate forms: TGIF

Usage note: this acronym should not be thrown around in every situation possible; use strictly for situations of frustration and desperation for the weekend.
Joey: So how was your week, Joseph?
Joseph: Holy shigamo this week was hecka sucky. I had a gazillion tests and quizzes and projects!
Joey: Jah life is tough mang, but TGI(A)F
Joseph: ...
Joseph: wtf, it's only Sunday night
#tgif #friday #saturday #holidays #weekend #weekday #weekends #weekdays
by kpmandookid March 15, 2006
Nice try, but the final product sucks.
Kid: Mom! Dad! Check out this painting I did in class today!
Mom: It looks wonderful son!
Dad: Sigh, A for effort, I suppose.
Mom: Honey, don't be so hard on him, the painting is decent for his age.
Dad: I was talking about us.
#nice try #nt #sucks #suck #fail
by kpmandookid June 23, 2011
wouldn't you like to know?
Kid: Mom, who is my dad?
Mom: wyltk
#wylktk #wylkt #wouldn't #you #like #to #know
by kpmandookid April 20, 2009
Middle English to morgen, from Old English tō morgen, from tō to + morgen morrow, morning — more at morn
11:45AM April 13, 2009

1. ADV. on or for the morning after today
2. N. the morning after today
J1000 (11:45:06 AM): when i got home i realized i wasnt ready for my mt
B1 (11:45:18 AM): lol
B1 (11:45:19 AM): when is it
J1000 (11:45:44 AM): tommorning
#tomorrow #morning #day #tomorning #next
by kpmandookid April 16, 2009
n. morbidly obese female of Slavic descent who consumes crushed or shaved ice in cones.
B1: Dayangg check out that xertvanky!
J1000: HEY that's my kid your talkin about!
#fat #russian #girl #eating #snow #cones
by kpmandookid November 19, 2008

*also means weird
JOEY: Why couldn't the ice cream cross the road?
JOEY: Chagawasa!
SOPHIE: hahaha oh joey, you're freaking joeytic
#ice cream #sullung #sophie #jokes #joke #funny #weird
by kpmandookid May 11, 2008
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