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a.k.a. "I'm gonna fuck you up".
forewarning of an impending beating, killing etc. that cannot take place at the present time due to one or more factors that may include the presence of one or more law enforcement officers, inapropriate number of witnesses, or a lack of appropriate gear/weapons etc.
You steal my bitch and burn my house. Your days are numbered, asshole.
by Bogan Bob May 21, 2004
Indicates you don't have many days left to live, you will die soon. Often associated with a threat of some kind.
bouncer: beat it loser
loser: your days are numbered mofo
by vice dogg May 20, 2004
1)I am going to hurt and/or kill you.

2)You don't have much time before you get into big trouble.
"Your days are numbered," growled the henchman, taking out a knife.

When Robby broke the vase, he knew his days were numbered and that his mother would be very angry at him.
by Newbia June 02, 2004
we know when will u die, said by kidnapers, or other criminals, or even in Bible
i wanna marry a wonderful man, have kids, great career, buy me a villa, car, go around the world...
yea, but your days are numbered
by Mash May 21, 2004
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