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a fat man that looks like Uncle Phil from Freshprince Of Bellair
"Suge Night that Uncle Phil lookin mudafuka"
by De$per8 February 27, 2005
Stupid Idiot borange muthafucka responsible for the death of Tupac and Biggie- no one in the world could possibly be on his side

See- Suge Knight
I went through my whole career without ever mentioning suge.
by biotch February 09, 2005
Suge Knight, former head of Death Row records. Former Blood gangmember. behind the murder of Biggie.
ummm...... he was, like, right next to Pac at the time of the driveby.... and Suge took some bullets too... dont really think Knight wouldve put himself right next to a guy he had just setup to get killed in a drive by...
by nunofyobisniss February 27, 2005
Big, hard, strong, mean, powerful, muscly

made popular by lil b song 'connected in jail'

other definition is the fat guy from death row
'Holy shit that guys like 6'4! he suge as hell'

'damn is that a Mercedes C63 amg? that thing so suge'
by TaskforcePrivate April 11, 2013
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