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The year that the Detroit Lions will win the Super Bowl
OMG THE LIONS JUST WON THE SUPERBOWL!!! *Few minutes after the whole world explodes* 2012
by IdkWhoAreYou?? April 23, 2011
3 7
(Origin: A really shitty movie)

Verb. 1) To end someone, or something's world. 2) To successfully and thoroughly defeat someone /something else in a competition of sorts.

Adj. 1) Used to describe something that is absolutely mind blowing.
Verb: "Don't mess with me dawg, I'll 2012 your ass."
"The year 2012 will 2012 us all."
"You do not want to have a foot race with me, I will 2012 you"
"I would rather be 2012'd than watch the movie 2012 again."

Adj: "I'm glad I bought God of War 3, that game is 2012."
by Arpoc April 05, 2010
7 11
To receive a blow job from your beloved for the first time in 4 years...
Oh man, I had a 2012 last night - gonna have to wait till fucking 2016 for the next one now...
by prince marcos March 12, 2010
9 14
Used as a verb - when you completely overcome, top, or otherwise destroy something.
Damn, who did a 2012 on my car?

9/11 me, I'll 2012 you.
by sometimesavowel September 23, 2010
4 10
Something concocted by the New World Order in order to keep the vast majority of the world's population trapped in fear and ignorance, so that the New World Order can carry out its evil agenda.
The only ones who believe the 2012 theory are ignorant fools.
Wake up people & do your research.
Q. How does a fool become a genius ?
A. Knowledge from a reliable source.
by Lady Michiru Kaiou March 02, 2009
14 21
The year everyone will die.
I cant wait until my birthday next year

Bro, next year is 2012, you won't have a birthday
by 2012willkill June 20, 2011
2 11
n. 1. the dominating graduating class of 2012.

2. just complete domination
Bob: did you see how good the juniors were?
Fred: yeah there were totally 2012!
by 2o12 September 24, 2010
6 18