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The year everyone thinks the mayans predicted the world to end, this is incorrect.

the winter solstice of 2012 was predicted by many civilizations, including the mayans, egyptians and the ancient greeks, to be when the solar calender "resets" and starts a new cycle, nothing more then the lunar cycle on a bigger scale.

AND the old tales that could be misinterpreted into meaning the world would end, not on that date but when it did in fact end, it wouldn't be a sudden thing that happened in one day. the world ending was susposed to be predecessed by a huge influx in the amount of large volcanic eruptions, massive earth quakes and many MANY major weather disasters. And that 12-21-2012 was just going to be the date where all of these problems ended all remaining life, not that there would be much left, and make the world collapse in on itself
2012 was just another piece of hollywood bullshit that is going to cause another Y2K problem.

just like how apperently, because the upcoming movie prince of persia, persians are white and speak with a bad british accent!
by reko0418 May 15, 2010

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