n. 1. the dominating graduating class of 2012.

2. just complete domination
Bob: did you see how good the juniors were?
Fred: yeah there were totally 2012!
by 2o12 September 24, 2010
It's the ultimate end of life, the universe, and everything. Although absolutely nothing related to the end of the world will happen. See also: 42
2012 approaches, *googles ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything*
Did you mean: ultimate end of life, the universe, and everything
by lolbody April 18, 2010
Used to describe the enormity of a situation
Example 1:

Bert: If I don’t find a job in the next 9 days im FUKKED with a capital F!!!!

Jonathan: O god, stop being so 2012!

Example 2:

Stacy: OMG Twilight: New Moon is coming out on Friday! I’m so stoked!

Brittney: YAH! Jacob is SO 2012!! What a dreamboat!

Example 3:

by PPPSSS November 13, 2009
You all know what it is, some of you believe it, some of you thinks its bull, but hows about we just wait and see. cherish these next 3 years like they are the last, and be ready for whatever might happen. For all you know, the date of this event might be off by a couple years, and some idiot recorded it as 2012 instead of 2015 or...2009.
hey! its 2012! Were still here, it was all a hoax! Time to go back to living the way I did like this bullshit was never even there!
by Fuse Jamboni October 22, 2009
The last generation, the best high school class ever. C/O 2012 forever. What better to end life than graduating high school and getting into college!
Man 1: Hey what class are you?
Man 2:C/O 2012!
Man 1:Lucky son of a bitch...
by wsuupnubs12 October 11, 2009
The year the world will end according to the Mayan calender.
OMFG! 2012 is liek t0tally comi *click*

*God turns off universe*
by G MONEY $$$ July 06, 2004
The year the mayan calendar ends. It is said that the world will end. Maybe to change, or for the world to self destruct, it is not certain of what will occur yet. Popular belief is that the age of Aquarius will come, and the alien God Cthulhu will rise. Many satanist believe that satan himself will rise and take over the universe again in place of the christian God and that the war has ended. 21st December 2012. The world will end. Go figure.
Satanist:Dude, satan will rule the world in 2012
Christian:Repent of your sins!
Elite satanist:The time of purification has come. Prepare to succumb to the creator.
by James Fletcher December 25, 2006
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