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The year aliens are going to land the earth, but not to invade us, just to make a contact.
Most religions will be over and therefore wars will be over too.
World Economy will not be mostly affected.
guy 1: hey man what's that all about 2012 end of the world
guy 2: no, it's just there's gonna be a few changes, but eventually we'll do better than we do now.
by abnamro February 04, 2008
something to consider..Lots of religions and races as well as science all predict something big is going to happen. Dont believe its a hoax just because they're going to make a film out of it. Things to consider:

The bible
The Mayans
Planet X
Climate Shift

and Current events such as:

Consider whats going on in the world right now...Our economy is collapsing, the war isnt ending, North Korea has nuclear bombs and hates the USA, plus he's close from dieng so you already know he wants to GO OUT with a BANG.

NOstradamus has predicted lots of things that has actually happend such as:
Hitler, and the Twin Towers

As far as religion goes, the antichrist will rise. Some people think its obama.....google it
2012 is coming so be the best person you can be
by rev0lutionary September 07, 2009
maybe the end of the world evidence:
12/21/12 2x2x2=6x3=18 divided by 3=6 theres 3 6s in 18(666)-2012
by dan21 May 15, 2008
The year is the year the mayan calendar, a special rotating calendar of stone, is predicted to stop. The percise day that the calender will stop is widely believed to be December 12th, 2012. This is thought to be linked to the appearance of the date in number form (12-12-12).
OMG!!!111 Like its 12-12-2012!!! ::stops talking and melts::
by Rudyxxorz April 12, 2006
December 2012 is the end-date projected by Jose & Lloydine for the Mayan calendar. With many astronomers and scientists now paying attention to the Mayan calendar, much debate has brewed over its end-date
we're all gonna die in 2012
by Jmack November 27, 2005
The Day Planet X passes the core of our solar system
Causing the magnetic poles to shift on earth.
causingg hurricans,floods, droughts, deaths, tsunamis 3 MILES HIGH, deaths, melting of polar icecaps, deaths,
Smoking a blunt.....2012 is comingg
fuck thatt...lets go get more bud =]
by anthony merino April 16, 2008
the year the chiness invade europe
in 2012 the red army takes other the world.
by jesus June 26, 2004