One of the biggest year oriented scams and hoaxes thus far.
Many media figures and authors have made millions on the weak minded, naive, and easily fooled, and will continue to do so until 12/24/2012
by Miss Amiss August 24, 2010
Supposedly the end of the world, as it is written, 12/21/12. OH WAIT! No it's not, because that's when the people stopped writing friggin' calendars. You wanna write calendars your whole life?
Mom: Timmy, why don't you go outside and play?
Timmy: In a second mom, I'm almost done with the year 5643.

12 years later...

Let's see... it's December... the... wait, there's no 26th on this calendar! That means I screwed up! My life's work is meaningless! And I was finally over 9000!

(The dude probably messed up on the 2013 calendar so he stopped at 2012)
by flapjack1995 February 19, 2009
A year in which numerous shit has happened including but not limited to deaths, shootings, death, massacres, death, End of the World, death, Obama re-elected, death, Romney loosing, death, laughter at Romney's failure, death, Gangnam Style and even more fucking DEATH!!!!!!!!!
"Yo man its 2012"
"Dude we are like so fucked"
"Well at least we ain't Dankrupt"
by Grand HeadMaster Juan Orochi December 21, 2012
as well as a number, it's also a scare tactic used by people to make money.

They scare you into thinking the world will end, then make you pay money to get information on surviving

me (thinking): another victim? this is crazy
by wecl0me12 April 25, 2010
When something is so horribly terrible the only way to describe it is to compare it to the movie 2012, which was by all means just a terrible as hell movie.
Example 1
Guy 1: Dude did you have any of that disgusting pasta in the caf?
Guy 2: Yeah man it was totally 2012

Example 2
Guy 1: How was that party last night?
Guy 2: It was pretty much just fat chicks and bros and the cops busted it. All in all it was 2012
by Voltron173 December 06, 2009
this is the stupidists time ever. everyone thinks they will die but there just fuckin stupid and will believe anything. there has beeen more than one occurance where stupid people will think we will die so why does this time make a difference. fuckin assholes!
2012 is retarded but i like dissin it.
by stardestroyer96 October 12, 2009
The year after 2011.
2012 follows 2011.
by Jean Luke Piccard June 25, 2010

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