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Russian word for bottom (sounds like "dno" or "dnaw").
One of the DotA memes, which means especially dopey players, in a word irremediable noob
Linch: Пудж, юзай крюк!!! (Pudge, use the hook!!!)
Avenger: А где он? (Where is it?)
Linch: Ты что нуб? У меня мало хп!!!(Are you bottom? I have low hp!!!)
Avenger: Че такое хп? (What is hp?)
Linch: Нуб, блять!!! Я здох из-за тебя!!! (Fucking noob!!! I've died!!!)
Foozzze: ЛОЛ))) Днооооо (LOL))) Booooottom)
Goose: аха дно ХД (aha bottom XD)
Linch: Ливай! Дно!!!(Leave the game! Bottom!!!)
#noob #dopey #dota #bottom #facepalm
by I.D.O.L. December 05, 2011
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