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see >_<

a face made when frustraited, pissed, upset, or the like.

also associated with cartman.
goddamnit, I broke my ass bone >.<!
by twitch July 22, 2003
1: Used to express stress
2: Used to express embarassment
3: Used just to be cute
4: Bears a strong resemblance to Cartman
My girlfriend makes a >.< whenever she wants to be cute.
by Spatter Artist November 06, 2006
the face you do when you wake up at 7:00 on a monday... then realizing it's saturday
guy: *yawn* ugh, hmm... *goes down stairs, eats breakfest, gets dressed, looks at calendar*... >.< Fuck. *goes back to bed*
by xDonkeyBonerx February 07, 2009
1. A symbol to represent frustration, or wincing in pain.
2. A sybol used to represent the asian culture in 'Chatspeak emoticons'.

1. Al:I just accidentally trashed my mom's car
Ed: >.<!

2. Julia: Ryan why are you so obsessed with Geishas?
Ryan: Because I love AZNs!
Julia: You basically are >.<
by Ryan P Welsh III August 30, 2006
ascii version of cartman. see ascii
(>.<)-mah kittiy's bein a dildo
(>.<)-i hate you kenny
(>.<)-this movie has warped my fragile litle mind
(>.<)-oh. lemme see no jewish candy.
by Suicide_machine44 March 01, 2005
Bunny, Rabbit
meet my rabbit >'.'< i loves him or im talking about a rabbit but have a unsmart phone so my illustration looks like this >'.'<
by the better butterfly August 08, 2011
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