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The whole reason to watch south park. He is the fattest kid and the funniest. Watches Terrence and Philip while eating cheesy poofs, snacky cakes, chocalate chicken pot pies, and powerdered donut pancake suprise. Has a slutty mom who spoils him. Always coming up with some stupid idea to get rich or get revenge.
Bob: Lets watch south park, its the one where cartman builds a hippie drill!
by bigshow8891 October 08, 2005
Everything that is racist, ignorant, and just plain wrong in the world condensed down into a fat, hilarious nine year old cartoon character.
Cartman: Don't call me fat, you fucking Jew!
Mr. Garrison: Eric, did you just say the F-word?
Cartman: Jew?
by Andrew M B April 23, 2006
Eric Theodore Cartman, who generally goes by "Cartman," is one of the four central characters in the hit animated series South Park. He is 10 years old and is in fourth grade. Uncapped, Cartman has brownish hair that is combed over. He is overweight and has a double chin. He possesses many bad qualities in a person. Cartman is bigoted, anti-Semetic, racist, uncaring, lazy, and mean, thus making him a popular character in the series. His mother Lianne spoils him simply because he whines to get whatever he wants. In many episodes it indicates his ability to easily manipulate people. Cartman hates hippies, kyle, san fransisco, other jewish people, poor people, stan, and kenny. It is also hinted in an episode that cartman can't leave things unfinished as he has to finish singing the song "Come Sail Away" by Styx at an alarmingly fast rate. Throughout the series he has become more intelligent and mature. Trey Parker, co-creater of the series, does his voice. Cartman is my favorite character.
"Screw you guys, im goin home"
"whatever I"ll do whatever i want"
"kyle's mom's a bitch she's a big fat bitch, she's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world..."
Kyle:"Cartman! You fucking fat ass"
"No its not like terrorism, it IS terrorism."
by Ricky E August 17, 2006
Cartman is quite possible the most perfectly witty and intelligent cartoon character ever created. If one just looks past the blatant racism and accept that the use of cartman is to just mock everything bad about society, you'll find it quite funny.
Cartman: That's it I'm not following this god damn hippy around anymore
Choir Teacher: Excuse me little boy I'm the adult here and I say we're going this way
Cartman: I'm going over naaa, and your going over maaa, me naaa you maaa, screw you guys, ima goin hooooomee
by FIZZLEnizzle August 11, 2006
Eric Theodore Cartman is not only (easily) the best character on South Park, but one of the best characters in television history, and dare I say fiction.
Cartman is the shit. Period.
by Adrian November 29, 2007
Possibly and most likely the funniest cartoon charactar of all time. he stars in the show South Park, a moutain town in Colorado. Cartman is a fat,spoiled kid whos mom is a hermaphrodite. he also Hates Jews especially Kyle. Cartman is always ripping on him for being a Jew.
Cartman:Fuck you you dirty jewbag!!!

Kyle:Screw you!!!
by yomommasucksyodaddy! March 23, 2008
Everything and everyone that is wrong in the world condensed into a 9 year old funny cartoon character that allows complicated issues to make some sense.
Cartman is an antisemitic that makes the issue funny for the moment
by Name Name173 March 21, 2008
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