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The single most contagious thing in the known universe. Can be passed from person to person by the mystery of F-Gas.
Me: Darn you!! Stop yawning!!!
Ac: I can't help it!! *Yawn* I'm tired!! I got potatoed to death last night!!
by KittyGirl August 14, 2004
The only time some married men ever get to open their mouth.
Married man: "Since we got married she has completed changed..she would not even let me talk anymore..besides from the times when i yawn, she keeps my mouth shut..its as if she now wears the pants in the relationship...nowadays I feel like less of a man.."

Dr. Phil: "LOL!"
by ZCMC March 10, 2009
what you do when you're tired. usually occurs in math or school in general. contagious to two people.
by sleepisbetter June 12, 2003
A person, place, or event that is found to be boring.
This opera is such a yawn...
by Aerienne March 06, 2005
A biological mechanism, commonly of mammals, used to restore oxygen to the brain when fatigued.
If none of us yawned we would either pass out or become mentally debilitated, so yawning during a boring conversation is not that rude after all.
by Limbo March 04, 2006
Something someone does when they need a big breath of air, or more air in their lungs. Usually it occurs when kids are bored at school.
*yawn* This teacher is so boring, all he talks about is his problems with his wife....geez, do we really need to know this to succeed in life? *yawwwwn* =(
by Dinah November 19, 2004
When stopping somebody telling you about a REALLY BORING story that you don't care about with the word YAWN.

Quite a rude term, think about before using.
Drag out for extra effect.

Ellie: "So Keiran was like i wanna play World of Warcraft, and i was like so annoyed..."
Chris: "YAWN!"

E.G 2.
Ellie: "Urm, and then Keiran was like, i want chicken, which was really annoying because i wanted prawns..."
by Marge, Chris and Jacob February 24, 2010
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