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see >_<

a face made when frustraited, pissed, upset, or the like.

also associated with cartman.
goddamnit, I broke my ass bone >.<!
by twitch July 22, 2003
George W. Bush, also known as the president of the United States of America.
Well, now there's more than one definition.
by Twitch September 11, 2004
shootin niggas non stop. shooting repeatedly. (like shootin coppers)
im bustin on you punk ass bitches
by Twitch March 25, 2005
a female who likes to stomp,crush,stepon,kick,grab,squeez,or knee guys in their jewls.
fuck man that ballbusting bitch nailed me in the nutts
by Twitch April 07, 2005
A stupid fat fake blonde bitch who thinks she can sing but she sucks at singing. She is a horrible singer and actress as well.
Hilary Duff is a cuntrag.
by Twitch March 23, 2005
cool person. great artist, majorly atletically skilled...
smart, funny, etc...
um...i can't think of an example...
Kathleen: did you draw that?!
Leslie: That's really good!
Alexa: um...i did, yeah.
Julie: by HAND?!
Alexa: yes, Julie...
by twitch December 21, 2003
The mood followed by music.
Prep: That song, by umm.. Kelly Clarkson, Since You've Been Gone, it just makes me wanna' sing to it! I can't help it!
Me: You're fucking stupid.
by Twitch July 21, 2005
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