23 definitions by xyrus

oral stimualtion of the penis
Before coitus the girl performed fellatio on Tommy.
by Xyrus November 13, 2003
to be very sexy; hae a fine ass
That girl in the corner is bootilicious.
by Xyrus November 08, 2003
To perform oral sex on a female.
Hey sexy! How do you feel about cunilingus.
by Xyrus November 06, 2003
Hillarious term for Penis
I enjoy having my tally-wacker sucked off.
by Xyrus November 06, 2003
replacement word for pissin'
Yo I gots to wizzo.
by Xyrus November 16, 2003
A southern derivitive of American.
Ya'll come back here to and enjoy the company of us mericans
by Xyrus November 25, 2003
Latin term for penis.
I have a huge phallus.
by Xyrus November 08, 2003

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