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v. n. adj.
verb-to smoke weed
noun- weed
adj- to be high
verb- get out the bong and lets wizzo
noun- i just bought an ounce of wizzo
adj- fuck dude, im so wizzoed.
by excessive bluntster February 16, 2005
replacement word for pissin'
Yo I gots to wizzo.
by Xyrus November 16, 2003
A term or nickname used to describe a computer or technology wizard.
Keith : My laptop just crashed, who should i call ?
Stephen : 'Wizzo' Phelan's the man for the job!
by AppleMacTicTac February 07, 2013
Japanese toy. A Wizzo is round in shape with a head and has latex lips that you can go bladdadadadadadadadadadadadada with with your finger (by making an up and down motion on the lips)

The toy is for ages 5 and up
Why not really spoil your children this christmas and give them a Wizzo. They'll never forget it!
by Elbonio February 24, 2004

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