When one plays music with a lot of bass and slang, roles down the windows, and turns the speakers on blast so all the BITCHES can hear.
Ima bout to be slappin this mob shit hella hard so all the beezys can hear.
by yungmulah23 December 08, 2008
an equivalent of dope, awesome, delicious. Usually used for food, a dish can be "slappin" like it's so good that if someone disputes its awesome godliness they are in for a slappin.
Can also be used in the form of a verb to describe something's slappy awesomeness.
Yo you should head down to Dave's food truck, the pulled pork is slappin

I love eating at that Hawaiian terryaki place, everything on the menu slaps
by bossman773 April 23, 2015
usually meaning good or delicious
That soup we made in class today was slappin!
by provider July 29, 2016
To catch a large fish. The word comes from the slapping action of a fish as its being reeled in. Bass, Tarpon, Snook are all known for "slappin" the water as you pull them in.
"Man we were slappin' today. The bass must've been hungry"

"(Insta pic) Great day on the lake #slappin #killemandgrillem"
by killemandgrillem69 October 16, 2013
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