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When you take care of your friends who have had far too much to drink. This goes above and beyond the simple task of being the designated driver as it includes but is not limited to:
Making sure they don't get into fights
Making sure if they do get into a fight, damage received is minimal, while damage inflicted is maximal.
Taking lots of pictures while they're throwing up in random places
Brositting Mike was hard enough, but then when Chris had too much to drink it almost got out of control.
by Tyler February 23, 2008
The only way to become a super-hero and fight tough crime.
I played city of heroes online and i beat the shit out of some villans.
by Tyler May 05, 2004
A condom.
A condom is the glass slipper of our time. You put it on, dance all night and throw it away in the morning.
by Tyler February 09, 2004
Low quality, low cost, un-cool thing or place.
"Dude, this is the most po-dunk town I have ever driven through"...
by Tyler October 07, 2003
B.E.T. is racist television. White people can't go around criticizing blacks, yet blacks do it all the time on their comedy shows. B.E.T. is mostly rap, R&B and hip-hop "music" only from blacks. Even though I don't like listening to rap, R&B and hip-hop, it's better than MTV, since MUSIC Television doesn't even play music, just fucked up "reality" shows.
Bouncy Extra Testicle
by Tyler July 20, 2003
A mini Jesus Christ, very simple. Blessing's in the front of ones pants.
Hey check out my pocket jesus.
by Tyler November 17, 2004
the line that runs along the middle of one's ball sack
My shlark is 3 1/2 inches.
by Tyler December 14, 2003

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