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a water company that when written backwards spells "naive"
does this mean that if you drink evian you're naive?
by Tyler March 03, 2005
1) Don't be a pussy.

2) Eat shit.
Bill: "I don't think I can drink tonight, my flight instructor is picking me up at 6 AM."

Me: "Oh wow ho, GO WIPE."
by Tyler December 07, 2004
usually a fairly crazy person, who thinks that eventually the world be a big free-for-all, traits of one may include, paranoia about politics and war, large stash of weapons and ammo and food, medical supplies, and sometimes even a bomb-shelter on their property. very militaristic person
i just bought a rifle off this crazy survivalist, he showed me his weapons stash 20 feet below ground dug from his basement, i was in the military, and even i had never seen some of the things that man had, guns and ammo of every type!
by tyler June 17, 2006
A drink bottled and sold in several flavors, including fruits and tea with flavoring. Advertised as 'made with the best stuff on earth', and supposedly healthy. Sometimes used as a substitute for soft drinks by those who are health concious, those who like fruit, or those who want to look 'cool'. Popular among the upper middle class and homosexuals (I don't know why).
Dude : Why do you drink so much snapple Tyler ?
Tyler : 'cause Coke eats your bones. gaaaahh!
by Tyler January 01, 2005
Hit in the head with a thrown object. Originally a baseball term, in that context it means "hit in the head with a pitch."
Did you see that? She just beaned him with a dead fish!
by Tyler July 27, 2004
Similar to a firecracker, a cracker, cheese, and marijuana snack. You take a cracker, put a little cheese on top, and a little weed on top of that. Heat it, eat it. So named because Timothy Leary was supposedly very fond of them.
I prefer Leary biscuit to weed cookies; they're easier to make.
by Tyler November 16, 2004
The fear of everything.
Timmy was diagnosed with a severe case of omniphobia.
by Tyler November 28, 2004

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