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unch: The entire crotch area of a human being, with emphasis on the lower part of the genitalia. Meant to refer to the entire experience of the crotch and its contents.
Smell my unch, boy. Put your face in my unch.

by Hal Jackson December 26, 2006
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Unch is the unit of measurement men use to boast about the size of their member. One unch is roughly 0.5 inches.
Brother, I've got a 10 unch cock!

What, 5 inches? Bitch please.
by King Ceri June 05, 2011
Similar to inches, but with more 'uhhh' to it. See Usher.
It's going to snow 5 unches today!
by b.eddy January 11, 2011
a colloquial, in-circle term used to allude to the action of ravenously attempting to please the female clitoris with tongue and teeth
by FairyTail? May 20, 2013
The ever-sensitve place of a man's body that rests between his scrotum and anal cavity.
"That man has a very hairy unch."
by wads October 01, 2003
The area of skin on a male between the anus and the scrotum.
That girl licked Lance's unch.
by Tyler October 01, 2003

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