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215 definitions by tyler

A game played in an unconventional environment (streets, alleys, sidewalks, etc.) using only a golf club and a ball, such as a tennis ball.
Competitors set up a course in a city-like environment and use targets like billboards and dumpsters as holes. Modeled after the sport of golf--only much cooler.
The five men packed into a van and proceeded with a game of URBAN GOLF, as they do every Saturday night.
by Tyler December 22, 2003
A girl who is extremely beautiful, hot, and has a great personality
Bailey Coxis Extremely beautiful hotness
by Tyler August 22, 2003
A rare type of marijuana; usually smoked out of a dooma.
I've been smokin' the neon since '98.
by tyler April 23, 2005
For awhile after Chapelle did a scit about him on Chapelle's Show, many people could be heard yelling "Im Rick James Bitch" across the school halls. Sadely the real Rick James died shortly there after. Also sadely, one of his most notable last comments was, "Cocain is a hell of a drug".
person A-"Im Rick James bitch"
person B-"Rick James is dead bitch"
by Tyler December 29, 2004
perfect. the highest level of existance. perfection.
tyler. schuyler. "whats up, im tyler"
by tyler November 06, 2004
One that engages in sexual favors for amounts that add up in pennies and cannot be greater than 6 cents
Stoke's Mom is a 5 cent whore
by Tyler February 24, 2004
1: Understood, Acknowledged, Yeah I heard, yes 2: I didn't get what you said but i want you to think i was paying attention. 3: I don't like to do it but sure I'll do it. 4: I don't care but I'll just respond back. 5: I'll make you think I'm motivated by responding. 6: No I don't like it
Drinks on the House
by Tyler September 13, 2003