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electronic control unit, in cars, controls rev limit, max speed, etc
that Mugen ecu is pretty sick on ma 91 crx si, FOO.
by tyler July 09, 2003
like a puppy but said poopie
"would you like to pet my poopie"
by tyler February 28, 2003
girl sits between 2 guys and jerks them off at the same time
girl sits between 2 guys and jerks them off at the same time....rowin' the boat
by tyler April 25, 2005
A game played in an unconventional environment (streets, alleys, sidewalks, etc.) using only a golf club and a ball, such as a tennis ball.
Competitors set up a course in a city-like environment and use targets like billboards and dumpsters as holes. Modeled after the sport of golf--only much cooler.
The five men packed into a van and proceeded with a game of URBAN GOLF, as they do every Saturday night.
by Tyler December 22, 2003
A rare type of marijuana; usually smoked out of a dooma.
I've been smokin' the neon since '98.
by tyler April 23, 2005
Big wheels on a ride
That car is rolling on twaps
by tyler May 07, 2004
1: Understood, Acknowledged, Yeah I heard, yes 2: I didn't get what you said but i want you to think i was paying attention. 3: I don't like to do it but sure I'll do it. 4: I don't care but I'll just respond back. 5: I'll make you think I'm motivated by responding. 6: No I don't like it
Drinks on the House
by Tyler September 13, 2003

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